Moore EFX

Moore-EFX (Automotive Upgrades)
MOORE-EFX is a company we work very closely with. They supply all of our upgraded parts and customization / fabrications. Their products range from : Lift kits, tuners, rims, tires, LED lights, HID, Light Force, Steel and aluminum bumpers, floor mats, flares and so much more. 

Custom orders accepted. Visit our website for more information.

HID head lights- Only the highest quality served with a lifetime warranty. Plug and play products allow customers to install lights them self or have us install them for you.

LED Light Bars- Large Selection and variety of sizes. Unlike traditional bulbs, which utilize a fragile and brittle metal filament, LEDs are solid state and have no moving parts, making them resistant to shock and vibration.

Custom Bumpers- MOORE – EFX has its own line of custom aluminum and steel bumpers, handmade with up to 12 lighting options. Custom fit to each vehicle.

Custom orders accepted. Visit our website for more information

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